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You Never See

Title: You Never See
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Theme(s):  Betrayal

Cold to the touch
But a burning desire within
Afraid of so much
Trusting of so little
Hiding in a corner
Wishing only to be apart
Of something better
Hoping for such passion
Keeping in all the pain
Everyone to love
Never to be loved
Never good enough
Never smart enough
Never pretty enough
She was never good enough for you
Just your girl of the day
Now she hides in the corner
Seprerated from the world
Hiding from all the pain
With an open heart
Only to be broken again and again
Day after day
Lonely night after lonely night
She closes her eyes
Silent tears fall before no one
She is always alone
Where she has always been
Always there to be toyed with
Always there to be rejected
You never see her tears
You never see her pain
Because she was there to be with you
But you used her, you never needed her
And even standing right in front of her
You can't see her heart and soul crumble to the floor
Pieces of a heart so pure, a soul so crushed
What would you do if you knew?
What would you do if you knew?
All the pain you caused,
The innocent soul you had crushed
To be alone in the corner
just to broken again and again.
Whenever you need her she'll be waiting
To have you break her heart once again.