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Tile: Listener
Category: Poetry
Rating: G
Warning: None
Theme(s): Friendship

Where does the listener go
When their world is coming down
Will you just run away?
Pretend that no one cares
What if I cared?
Would you push me away?
Are you going hide in a corner
Thinking there is nowhere to go
Was everything you told me a lie
Is there really no place to go?
Don't push me back because you can
Don't hide, when you know you're wrong
Stop thinking that you're alone
When you are so far from it
Do you think so little of me?
I won't hurt you, have I ever?
Maybe it's hard to trust
I've been alone too
But I could never give you that pain
Don't turn away from me
Maybe there is something to be gained
Even though there is a lot you lost
I'm not giving up on you
No matter how hard you will try