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Title: Cursed
Category: Poetry
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Theme(s):  Betrayal, Love

I can’t stop loving you
I’ve told you time and time again to leave my heart
To dwell in a place where your presence can’t taunt me
When I see you, I know you are the one I want but will never get back
Teach me, show me how you fell out of love with me
I don’t know what more you could do to hurt me
Yet you still can’t alienate my feelings for you
It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen your handsome face
Months ago since I’ve heard your loving deep voice
You’re here with me in the most painful way but physically so far away
We’re together forever, like you said you’d be, before you forgot all about me
It’s a cursed blessing you’ve brought upon me and I can’t escape it
I want to be rid of this madness, this obsession I have
But I could never forget one of the best things in my life
And those questions still haunt me in this unending nightmare
Why did your love die away and why does mine decide to stay?