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Title: Tatiana
Category: Original Fiction---Romance/Mystery
Rating: G
Warning: Unbetaed
Word Count: 1,117
Summary: A man connects with the rain in a way he never thought possible


Splat…plop…plop…plop plop…shhhhh.

Just like that, the steel gray clouds dispensed their prize upon the earth. I had been watching those clouds for a long time, waiting for them to release their force. Now, finally, the droplets were coming down in scores. It didn’t matter that I still had work to do or that the next time I came into my office the pile of papers on my desk would be higher. The time had come, and for all I knew this moment may never come again. I grabbed my long black coat off the silver coat hanger and didn’t look back as the door to my office slammed firmly behind me. I was aware of the puzzled looks and disapproving glances as I stepped into the elevator three hours before the end of the day, but it didn’t matter, this was my one chance.  The elevator smoothly flew down the seven stories and opened its doors for me at the bottom. My shoes made no sound as I quickly paced across the marble floor and through the revolving doors out into the pouring rain.

My senses were instantly accosted by the smell of the sweet rain and its moisture on my skin. I suddenly felt so naked with nothing in my hands, no briefcase, and no umbrella like the dozens of people around me were carrying. I might have looked like a mad man as I darted across the street and into the park with nothing to keep me dry and nothing to give me purpose. The truth was I didn’t know what I was doing; I was chasing a feeling, a moment, fate, maybe. It was important though; important enough to keep going, even though I didn’t know where. I wandered through the park, trying to stay under the trees in an attempt to stay dry, but it didn’t matter, I was starting to soak. I could feel the rain rolling off the top of my head and onto my face. My coat was getting heavy, sagging in the weight of the rain. I must have looked like a mess. I stopped on top of a white stone bridge overlooking a miniscule lake. I tried to wipe the water from my face with my wet hand as I examined the infinite number of ripples crashing into each other on the surface of the water. After a few minutes of just standing there I turned around and looked back at the park. How long do you wait for something when you don’t know what it is your waiting for or when it’s going to occur? I began to contemplate my sanity, and just before I reached the conclusion of needing a straitjacket, I saw it, what I had been waiting for. Actually, I saw her.

As soon as I saw the red umbrella and the woman beneath it all of my senses became attuned to only her.  I felt like I was watching a movie and the camera had zoomed in, I still swear to this day that I could see things no ordinary human can see from one hundred feet away. She was a cunning little sprite, pretending to blend into the park, pretending to be just like any other girl walking through the park on a rainy day. I knew better. She was wearing a long red raincoat that reached the knees of her black jeans which were barely short enough to hide the expensive looking high-heeled boots underneath. Her chocolate brown hair, untouched by the rain, was full of cascading curls tucked behind her ears. She smiled to herself and her sage green eyes sparkled every time she spun the red umbrella around in her hand, causing water to shoot off the top of the umbrella in decorative patterns around her. She wasn’t walking towards me at first, she changed directions at some point but I’m not sure when or why. Part of me knew it was meant to be, I was there on that bridge soaking wet and staring at her for a reason. As she walked toward me, I didn’t stop my unashamed staring, part of me wanted to look away and be embarrassed but the more dominant part of me seemed to understand what was happening better and held the gaze.

Finally, she was standing in front of me, staring right back at me, confident and self-assured. I knew she understood what was happening and I opened my mouth to ask her but she touched a cold finger to my lips and shook her head, her beautiful curls bouncing.  I nodded and she withdrew her hand. I knew, I had really known all along what I had come for so there was nothing left but to do it. I took her left hand in mine, winding my fingers around hers, and as my lips met hers the umbrella dropped from her right hand and fell to the ground. The kiss was simple at first, innocent, like a first kiss but that feeling quickly dissolved into a more urgent and aggressive touch. I wasn’t sure whether it was her hand on my face, her tongue dancing with mine, or the rain but I was sure that I had never felt this close to another person in my entire life, a person I didn’t even know. Before I could recognize what was happening, it was over. She pulled away from me and picked up her umbrella, shaking it off. I just stared at her as she shot me one last classic smile before turning to walk away with me, spinning her umbrella like before, as if nothing had changed. For all I knew, nothing had. As she walked away from me, I reflected on our moment, there was something I wanted to know.

            I called out to her, “What’s your name?”

            She didn’t pause, or look back, or give me any indication that she had heard me. She just twirled her red umbrella and walked out of my life forever, and even though I didn’t see her face I knew she gave a crafty smile, she knew what she was doing. She had probably done it before. What exactly was it that she had done?

            Now, when it rains, I watch for her on the sidewalks. I follow every red umbrella knowing she won’t be under it but secretly hoping I’ll find some trace of her or some piece of my sanity. I know it really happened though, moments like that are far too rare and magical for a simple man like me to imagine. Though she never told me her name, I have some ideas: Aphrodite, Isolde, Guinevere, Juliet, or maybe Tatiana.