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Title: Shattered Glass Heart, Tears of a Lonely Room, A Dishonest Feeling, and The Closed Door
Category: Harry Potter---Marauder Era Fic/General
Rating: PG-13 (just in case)
Warning: Unbetaed, Character Death, Language
Word Count: 2,332
Summary: This is actually a set of four drabbles I wrote for the SPEW anniversary challenge a few years ago, I decided to put them all together because I think that is the best way for them to be read, however I'll split them up if you want to read them seperately for some reason. These four drabbles tell the story of days leading up to/the day of/ and the days after Lily and James' death as told by Remus, Lily, James and Sirius.

Working it Out

Title: Working it Out
Category: Harry Potter---General/Romance?----Sirius/Lily
Rating: PG
Warning: Unbetaed
Word Count: 428
Summary: Lily helps Sirius with his homework with interesting results.

Till Death do us Part

Title: Till Death do us Part
Category: Harry Potter--Dark/Angsty
Rating: PG
Warning: Non-Canon Compliant, Unbetaed
Word Count: 446
Summary: Harry and Hermione say goodbye forever. 

A New Way

Title: A New Way
Category: Harry Potter---General
Rating: PG
Warning: Character Death, Unbetaed, Non-Canon Compliant
Word Count:  493
Summary: After defeating the Dark Lord, Harry learns a unlikely truth about one of his former enemies

Learning to Live Again

Title: Learning to Live Again
Category: Original Fiction--Dark/Angsty, Elements of Romance
Rating: R (just in case)
Warning: Language, Suicide
Word Count: 4,334
Summary: Wendy Larsen gets a surprise when her long lost sweetheart returns but with surprising consequences.

The Park

Title: The Park
Category: Original Fiction---Dark/Angsty
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Word Count: 1,231
Summary: A young woman reflects on a strained friendship.




A Pirate

Title: A Pirate
Category: Peter Pan---Romance---Wendy/Hook
Rating: PG-13
Warning: As indicated above, this is a Wendy/Hook romance, and yes there is quite an age difference, not that it should much scandalize anyone I know...but Wendy is implied to be older in this story than she is in the movie. But if you have a problem with the age difference in this romance than, obviously, you probably shouldn't read it. On a different note it's unbetaed, so I apologize for all that.
Word Count: 1,530
Summary: Captain Hook makes Wendy an offer she can't refuse, even if she wanted to. (originally written for Jenna, for her birthday)

Your Destiny Lies Before You

Title: Your Destiny Lies Before You
Category: Harry Potter-- Romance--Lucius/Narcissa
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Word Count: 4,080
Summary: Narcissa struggles with the life that is planned out for her.





The Great Fall


Title: The Great Fall

Category: Harry Potter--Dark/Angsty
Rating: PG
Warning: Character Death, Not Canon Compliant
Word Count: 1,662
Summary: The last battle will be fought on deadly ground and all lives will be lost.



Autumo: Magic Without a Wand

Title: Autumo: Magic Without a Wand
Category: Harry Potter- Dean/OC Romance
Rating: G
Warning: None, except extreme fluffiness
Word Count: 2,961
Summary: Dean needs to tell his muggle fiancee about his magical past, so he uses the magic of Narnia to ease his plan.

She was naive to the two different worlds colliding around her unseen.Collapse )