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Fanfiction and original fiction that I have penned.
Hello everyone and welcome to my writing community.

Here I have posted fanfiction, original fiction, and poetry. Much of it is a few years old. I am still writing though and will post progress of my future projects.

Currently I am working on 2 Projects:
~A Belle/Gaston One-Shot examining what happened before we meet them in 'Beauty in the Beast'
~My chaptered original fiction, 'Heaven and Hell'. I'm currently working on Chapter 6.

For all of the fanfiction pieces I claim no ownership over any of the characters/places etc. of anything that came out of that original work. But anything foreign to those worlds (including my original fiction) is my own, and I hope that people respect my wish not to copy it without my permission. Thank you.

Just for fair warning most of my writing is highly novice and I certainly don't mind if you are critical, comments of all varieties are most welcome.

You can navigate the writing by the masterlist or the tags.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see!